But! I looked

But! I looked And that all cares on care of kids are assumed by the pediatrician and childrens nurses.


I looked at a situation eyes of skilled mummy.

What will be when these little girls, in the majority the pervorodyashchi, come back home with a beautiful parcel?

They never washed the kids, did not change clothes of a diaper, did not rock to sleep at night.

They even never developed a roddomovsky envelope in which their child spent the first days of life!

What will be in native walls when there are thousands of questions?

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If you have

If you have, either baked apples, or tea with crackers, sushka, lowfat cookies.

What it is better to eat for dinner?

The dinner has to consist of proteinaceous food more often.

It is possible to give cottage cheese with kefir, using cottage cheese only of own preparation.

If you have the cottage cheese bought in the market or in shop, in order to avoid poisonings make cheesecakes, cottage cheese casserole.

These dishes are well combined with kefir.

Sometimes for dinner it is possible to give kakoyeto a potato dish.

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In case of difficulty

In case of difficultye.

to prove the choice.

In case of difficulty the teacher in detail analyzes the story.

He allows the child to consider the first picture and asks: Who cleans the room?

What does Katya do?

In what it is dressed?

What does Varya do?

In what it is dressed?

What does Tanya do?

And in what it is dressed?

Then the teacher allows to consider the second picture, asks to show where here Tanya, and then speaks: Tell how you recognized Tanya.

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It also has paramount

It also has paramount And natural the role of a vowel and its concordant neighbor will seem clear.

The child works with material silently, pronouncing the sounds marked by symbols with which it operates, about itselfhimself, an internal voice.

It also has paramount importance for full absorption of external images.

Exercise can be complicated, having collected all syllables in the general box, and having consolidated tables in one big.

Work with this material demands big concentration of attention.

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I could

I could It would give me huge joy.

Frankly speaking, I thought that Grigory Anzorovich will come to visit me in postnatal office.

But it did not come!

It broke to me heart.

I could not forgive him.

And nevertheless we again met just as at cinema, They met in many years In one and a half years at that informal party where I could ask the questions tormenting me to obstetricians to men.

We danced and even kissed in a cheek.

Doctor Georgadze, of course, did not recognize me he saw me only once in the life yes and those two hours.

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Next time, when

Next time, when Think of the person or a situation which constantly cause in you feeling of shyness.

Consider it in details each word, each gesture.

Now imagine that you would make in the same situation if were not timid.

What would have to you make?

To tell?

What would happen?

Think of this positive option every day within a week.

Next time, when you will start feeling timid in such situation, cause your positive image in memory.

Actively train thus.

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Nellie Color

Nellie Color A stone beryl, obsidian.

Nellie Color beige and lemon bright shades.

ZZ Scales, Aquarius.

The form Ninel is in harmony with Fishes.

Does not reflect character of signs of Earth, the signs Aries and Scorpion at all.

The stone topaz, an emerald, fell down.

Nina Color blue and beige grayish shades.

ZZ Fishes, the Capricorn.

Will not suit active signs of elements of Fire and Air.

A stone amber.

Oksana Color yellow, red, brick brilliant shades.

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